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Monitor for Aerosols and Gases «MARGA»

MARGA1 is an online ion chromatograph that completely integrates sample preparation for gaseous samples. The system determines the entire water-soluble ionic load of
aerosols and the gas phase. Anions and cations are measured in parallel.

Compared with filter packs, the MARGA system is more economical to maintain and allows a better time resolution. A MARGA system provides exact hourly results, round the clock and seven days a week; and, if required, these can also be sent to any location via the Internet. Get more product information

Applications with MARGA

The MARGA system is used for online monitoring of environmentally relevant parameters such as SOx, NOx and NH4+. In this way it is possible to carry out extremely accurate analyses of climatic influences or of acid rain and also monitor local occurrences such as emissions from the burning of biomass.

  1 «MARGA» can be obtained through Metrohm’s subsidiary Applikon Analytical B.V.